Basic Care Manicure

CND Basic Care Manicure £19.95
Add £10.00 for Gel Polish

If your hands are in need of a little TLC our Basic Care Manicure provides everything you need to get them into pristine condition, quickly. Using CND Spa products your treatment consists of nail shaping and cuticle work followed by hydration. Your manicure is then completed with your choice of traditional polish and a rich Nail Serum. For a smudge, chip free and completely dry loner lasting finish you can add a permanent gel polish for an additional £10-00 with over 300 colours to choose from you’re sure to find a colour that suits.

Sensory spa Manicure

CND Sensory Spa Manicure £35.00
Includes Gel Polish

Designed for clients who want that little bit extra our Sensory Spa manicure includes everything offered in our Basic Care Manicure with the additional benefits of a gentle almond scrub to remove excess dead skin followed by an individually heated Soybean, shea butter and bee’s wax hand mask, pampering your hands with 100% natural ingredients, easing stiff joints whilst also providing exceptional hydration. A luxury hand and arm massage using specific techniques will evoke a feeling of wellness and tranquillity. Your treatment is completed with prescriptive hydration, a rich hand and nail serum followed by your choice of either traditional or gel polish.

Gel Polish

Gel Polish Fingers or Toes £18.95
Gel Polish Fingers and Toes £36.00
Colour Change add £3.50

We offer over 300 permanent gel polish colours from leading brands so you can be sure of finding something to suit every occasion and every outfit. Gel polish is applied over a protective nail base ensuring no damage to the natural nail. No harsh chemicals or primers are used. Your finished gel manicure can last up to 3 weeks without smudging or chipping.

Genuine Swarovski Crystals
£5.00 (1 single finger) £50.00 full set

For that extra bit of glamour why not add some Genuine Swarovski Crystals to complete your manicure. Perfect for weddings, parties and summer holidays. Each crystal is individually fixed onto your fingers creating a real statement look!

Classic file and Polish

Classic File and Polish £10.00

Sometimes all you need is a quick tidy up of your nail shape to even things out and a coat of your favourite colour to feel fabulous. We will shape your nails and apply a professional base coat, a colour of your choice and a high gloss finish to give a polished and manicured look.

Benefits of a Manicure

Benefits of a Manicure

A manicure is not only a pleasure to have done but has many benefits for your skin and nails. Using high quality products with top quality ingredients such as the ultra hydrating Hyaluronic acid, natural oils from macadamia nuts or rich proteins from soy bean and pearls,  provides the skin with hydration – soothing rough and hard working hands and providing a smoother look with clarity to the skin. This prevents hang nails and cracks appearing especially around the nail itself. Many of our clients work hard, with their hands going through a variety of ”traumas” each day – from styling and cleaning products to harsh temperature changes and jobs like gardening or constant exposure to water – All of this can lead to sore and dry hands that look a little untidy. Keeping on top of the health of your hands and nails by tidying any split end keeps nail growing healthy and strong – Just like your hair and means that any polish applied has a clean finish.

Aftercare Tips and Advice

Aftercare Tips and Advice

We constantly strive to produce first class amazing treatments that not only give you great pleasure during your treatment but provide noticeable results. For many clients manicures and pedicures are a luxurious treat often given as a present. To help maintain and further enhance the results we have listed below some tips that will help you achieve this. Products mentioned are available at the main reception or simply ask your therapist who will be happy to help you choose suitable products.

Professional nail polish takes 7 hours to fully dry. We do however use a spritz dry to speed this process giving the polish a dry ‘’shell’’. The paint will normally be touch dry within the hour – but care must be taken. The longer the polish is left to dry the better the final result will be.

Due to continuous use of our hands, nail polish is not guaranteed against chipping. We only ever use top professional brands that provide more longevity than those purchased on the high street. However, if you do smudge or chip your nail polish within 24 hours of your treatment we will re-paint the nail free of charge. Thereafter a charge will apply.

To prevent chipping please wear gloves for all household chores and gardening etc. A scour on a sponge is not too dissimilar to the grit of a nail file!

Common causes of chipping include doing up buttons, opening cans of drink or food, typing or even grabbing things (such as wet jeans) out of the washing machine! Please remember it is easy to chip your nails and extra care should be taken during tasks like these, it’s handy to use a spoon as a lever to open cans, or to type with the finger pads rather than tips of the nails. Simple changes will make a big difference to the longevity of your manicure.

For clients wanting their polish to last beyond the time of traditional polish, we offer a vast range of Gel Polish. This is applied in the same way as a traditional polish but cured under a UV light. This offers many advantages: you will leave the salon with completely dry nails, there is no smudging – guaranteed, and the gloss finish will last until professionally removed. If you have very weak nails that are prone to breakages ask your therapist about overlays and extensions for perfect nails every day!

Hand cream should be applied throughout the day to maintain hydration. We offer a selection of award winning products from the CND Spa range including several hand creams for different skin types. Keeping the nails properly hydrated gives them flexibility and will maintain the fresh look of a manicure.

Dry cuticles are unsightly and spoil the look of your freshly painted nails. Apply a professional serum three times each day until the hydration level is back to normal. Thereafter this can easily be maintained by just one application a day, preferably before bed. Hydrating the nails corrects many common issues such as torn cuticles (hang nails), nail flaking or peeling and brittleness/snapping. We recommend CND Spa nail serum and hand cream.

Daily use of our hands can reduce the shine of a non UV top coat. By applying a clear gloss topcoat to your painted nails 2 days after your treatment will ensure the shine remains and also prolongs the life of the colour. Be sure to coat the free edge (tip) of your nails as this can be the cause of most lifting and chipping.