Please remember to bring open toed shoes if you are having a pedicure with a traditional polish to finish. We also offer permanent gel polish allowing you to leave the salon with a completely dry, smudge free perfect colour, and we have over 200 colours and designs to choose from.

Basic pedicure

Basic Care Pedicure £19.95

Being in a rush doesn’t mean you can’t experience luxury; unwind in our pedicure throne whilst your therapist performs nail shaping, cuticle removal, a light buff and hydrate, followed by a traditional polish of your choice to finish.

Essential Pedicure

The Essential Pedicure £30

Sit back and relax in our luxury heated massage pedicure throne where we will professional, quality CND SPA products. Our Essential Pedicure includes nail shaping, manual hard skin & cuticle removal followed by 1⁄2 leg and foot exfoliation, finished with rich mango nail serum and prescriptive hydration. Topped off with a traditional polish of your choice.

Sensory Spa Pedicure

CND Sensory Spa Pedicure £45
Exclusive to The Beauty Centre

Using the luxury CND SPA pedicure products, our exclusive Sensory Spa Pedicure offers a full 90 minutes of relaxation on our heated massage pedicure throne. Your treatment will consist of both manual hard skin removal and an exfoliation rich in botanical oils to relieve stressed, tired feet to remove and soften dry scaly skin. Your therapist will then apply a purifying active clay mask, removed with warm mitts before your individual heated soybean oil, shea butter and bee’s wax heated mask is applied. You will then experience a lower leg and foot massage using specific techniques to induce deep relaxation and leave skin exceptionally hydrated. This is topped off with your choice of either traditional or gel polish and a rich  nail serum.  Truly a blissful experience you will want to repeat time and time again.

The Foot Clinic

Today many of us tend to neglect our hard working feet and find that even an Essential Pedicure just isn’t enough to remove the layers of built up hard skin that not only looks unsightly but make our feet ache or for some, be painful. To help alleviate these problems and maintain healthy feet, we offer two bespoke medical pedicures, both of which can be a stand-alone treatment or incorporated with our Basic and Essential treatments.

  • Pedicure with Microdermabrasion Add £10 Individual treatment £30
  • Pedicure with Mavex Chemical Peel Add £15 Individual treatment £35

Classic file and Paint

Sometimes all you need is a quick tidy up of your nail shape to even things out, with a coat of your favourite colour to get ready and feel fabulous. Our file and paint is exactly as it sounds – We will reshape your nails and apply a professional base coat , a colour of your choice and a high gloss finish to give a polished and manicured look super fast.


Benefits of a Pedicure

A pedicure is the perfect way to thank your feet for all the hard work they do, sometimes you don’t realise how much they go through each day until it’s over and you’re left with tired and aching feet. Whilst your therapist is working on your feet, they are doing more than just playing with your toes and polishing them up, by removing the calluses, your pedicurist is helping to improve the appearance as well as your comfort. Having calluses on your feet can cause uneven pressure when you walk or stand that can also lead to the pain you feel when on your feet all day. Keeping toes in tip top condition also prevents a build up of dirt under the nails that can lead to bacterial or fungal infections and prevent ingrown toenails. Lastly a really big benefit is how light you will feel on your feet and how beautiful they will look and feel, taking even 30 minutes to sit down and really give them a pamper pays off in the long term for both the health of your feet and your personal sense of well being – we offer a wide range of pedicure from a basic tidy up to a full spa sensory pedicure so there’s no excuse to neglect those hard working feet! 

Aftercare and Support

Here at the Beauty Centre we constantly strive to produce first class, amazing treatments that not only give great pleasure during treatment, but provide noticeable results.
For many clients, manicures and pedicures are a luxurious treat, often given as a present. To help maintain and further enhance the results we have listed below some tips that will help you achieve this. Products mentioned are available at the main reception or simply ask your therapist who will be happy to help you choose suitable products.

Professional Nail Polish takes 7 hours to fully dry. We do however use a spritz dry to speed this process, giving the polish a dry ‘’shell’’ and paint will normally be touch dry within the hour – but care must be taken. The longer its left to dry the better the final result will be. When polish is smudged and you can’t get to us for a fix, an unusual sounding solution is best – Use your tongue to gently slide the polish into place, your finger will leave a fingerprint and your tongue will not. This will only work for smudging, where chipping has occurred the nail will need re-varnishing. Finish with topcoat to further repair the smudge.

Due to continuous use of our hands, nail polish is not guaranteed against chipping. We only ever use top professional brands that provide more longevity than those purchased over the counter and your nails will be painted to a very high standard. However, if you do smudge or chip your nail polish within 24 hours of your treatment we will re-paint the nail free of charge. Thereafter a charge will apply.

To prevent chipping please wear gloves for all household chores and gardening etc. A scour on a sponge is not too dissimilar to the grit of a nail file!

Common causes of chipping include doing up buttons, opening cans of drink or food, typing or even grabbing things (such as wet jeans) out of the washing machine! Please remember it is easy to chip your nails and extra care should be taken during tasks like these, it’s handy to use a spoon as a lever to open cans, or to type with the finger pads rather than tips of the nails. Simple changes will make a big difference to the longevity of your manicure.

For clients wanting their polish to last beyond the time of traditional polish, we offer a vast range of Gel Polish. This is applied in the same way but cured under a UV light. This offers many advantages: You will leave the salon with completely dry nails, there is no smudging- guaranteed and the gloss finish will last until professionally removed. If you have very weak nails, prone to breakages, ask your therapist about overlays and extensions for perfect nails every day!

Hand cream should be applied throughout the day to maintain hydration. We offer a selection of award winning products from Alessandro, including several hand creams for different skin types. Keeping the nails properly hydrated gives them flexibility and will maintain the fresh look of a manicure.

Dry cuticles are unsightly and spoil the look of your freshly painted nails. Apply a professional serum three times each day until the hydration level is back to normal. This can easily be maintained by just one application a day, preferably before bed. Hydrating the nails corrects many common issues such as torn cuticles (hang nails), nail flaking or peeling and brittleness/snapping. We recommend Alessandro’s Mango nail serum, which will last forever and properly hydrates the nails and skin.

Daily use of our hands can reduce the shine of a non UV top coat. By applying a clear gloss topcoat to your painted nails 2 days after your treatment will ensure the shine remains and also prolong the life of the colour. Be sure to coat the free edge (tip) of your nail, as this seal breaking is the cause of most lifting and chipping.

For dry skin on the feet, simply apply the recommended moisturiser and cover your feet in cling film or place in large sandwich bags. Place some socks over your feet and leave to work overnight. Remove both cling film and socks in the morning, revealing super soft skin.

For a luxurious spa treatment at home we retail a soybean and shea butter home treatment kit , that provides deep hydration as well a heat to enhance penetration of products- They really are a godsend and give you an excuse to take 30 minutes for yourself.

If you have excessive dry skin on the feet we offer ‘’Medi-Heel’’ Mild Pedicure Peel £35.00. One fifteen minute treatment will remove nearly all the hard skin on the feet, this treatment can be performed alone or added to your pedicure.

Please bring open toe shoes when having a pedicure treatment, as mentioned it takes 7 hours for your polish to dry and you will not be able to wear socks or boots upon leaving. With sandals, the best type is a v ‘thong’ sandal as there is no decoration to catch on the nails .We will always help you put your shoes on and for manicures we will always offer to remove keys/phones/purses from your bag for you, if you would prefer us not to do this it is advised to pay before your treatment so as not to smudge the nails when removing things from your handbag. Lastly – remember this is all a good excuse to avoid the washing up and put your feet up!!