What is Semi-Permanent make up?

Many clients are increasingly coming to see the benefits of semi-permanent make up.We use cosmetics daily to enhance and highlight our appearance, spending time and money in the process. Semi-permanent make up allows us to look and feel our best 24 hours a day with no effort. It is a great alternative to make up that has to be reapplied throughout the day. Our highly qualified technician has many years’ experience and is skilled in producing natural looking results that will suit both your face and your age.

The perfect combinations of pigments are carefully selected to compliment your skin tone and hair colour, ensuring a natural look. Your features will look more defined and your eyes will appear “lifted” giving a less tired look. An anaesthetic cream is applied to ensure the procedure is tolerable.

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

Eyebrows £350
Retouch £175
Colour correction £550/£650
Shape correction £425-£550
Colour correction & Shape correction £750

An ideal answer for eyebrows that have been over plucked and misshaped or for framing the face and improving brow shape and definition. Hair simulation techniques give the
appearance of hair for clients with patchy hair growth and thin brows.

Semi-Permanent Lips

Full lip colour £475
Lip Liner £325 Line retouch £250
Retouch full lip £350 

Semi-permanent make up can be applied on the border of the lips for a permanent lip liner and to reduce lipstick creeping into the lines above. Semi-permanent make up can also be applied to the whole of the lip, adding colour and definition. Simply apply a light gloss to enhance the colour when required.

Semi-Permanent Eye Liner

Bottom liner £250
Top liner £275
Both top and bottom £450
Lash enhancement £250  

An excellent alternative to applying harsh pencils to the delicate eye area.
Semi-permanent eye liner can make sunken eyes appear bigger and brighter.

Semi-Permanent Make-up FAQs

Who is suited to semi-permanent make up treatments?
Providing you have no medical reason to avoid tattoo treatments, nearly everyone who wants long lasting makeup is an ideal candidate!

How long do semi-permanent cosmetic treatments take?
Depending on the area treated and the style you choose treatments are generally booked as one or two hour appointments.

How long is recovery after my semi-permanent makeup procedure?
Your skin will look and feel fully recovered after two weeks, however we advise a 6-8week wait before re-pigmenting the area to allow the skin to fully recover.

Is it painful to have semi-permanent makeup done?
All people experience pain differently, however generally any discomfort or pain felt is minimal and topical anaesthetic is applied throughout your appointment to minimise any unpleasant sensations.

What are the risks involved in semi-permanent cosmetic treatments?
With all treatments that puncture the skin there is a small risk of infection – however with proper healthy and safety in place such as single use needles, disposable equipment etc and when proper aftercare is observed this risk is greatly reduced.

What colours are available, how will it be chosen?
We have a wide range of colours to choose from, which can be blended to create something that suits your individual complexion or desired results. Choosing the colour is a joint process between you and your technician, but ultimately the decision is yours.

Will I need to prepare the area I want to have treated, e.g. tint or pluck my brows?
No, you do not need to do anything before your treatment, if you would like to come to your appointment wearing your usual make up however this will give a good idea of your personal style and how your semi –permanent enhancement will sit with your every day look.

What can I expect after my Semi-permanent cosmetic treatment?
Immediately following treatment, the area we have treated may look swollen, red and the colour will be a lot darker than the expected final result. You will likely experience light weeping of the area and eventually light scabbing. Everyone will heal slightly differently and you will be given written aftercare instructions to follow.

Do I need a consultation?
Yes, although semi-permanent, cosmetic tattooing is still a long term decision. We need to make sure we have a thorough idea of the results you’re looking for as well as ensure there is no medical reason you are unable to have the treatment.

How permanent are the results?
Fading will vary from person to person with factors such as sun exposure, skin type and age as well as some exfoliating products such as AHA’S having a fading effect. Your colour will fade initially by around 40% , at roughly a year many people like to have the colour touched in as it has softened however we advise clients to expect the result to last around 5 years.