Skin Peels

Would you like to turn back the clock to a more youthful, beautiful you? Do you have problem acne skin that just won’t budge, leaving you with marks and discolouration to your skin? Have you got brown patches from over exposure to the sun or hormone changes? A skin peel can rejuvenate your skin and take years off you almost instantly without any of the side effects associated with invasive surgery.

Treatments Available

Treatments Available 

Glycolic peels                           – Mandelic peels
– Pyruvic neck peels                   – TCA peels
Lactic peels                               – Salicylic peels
– Arginine peels                          – Jessner peels
– Phenol peels                            – Ferulac peels

How Do Skin Peels work?

How Do Skin Peel Works?

Skin Peels work by the application of a chemical with a lowered p.h to remove dead skin cells, and encourage new cells to grow and move to the surface.This leads to a fresher, smoother and radiant skin. These treatments are used all over the world to treat skin problems such as wrinkles and lines, acne scars, hyper-pigmentation, and sun damage – the results can transform your skin whatever your skin dilemma, there’s sure to be a peel to suit.

Chemical peels are a safe and highly effective way to revitalise the skin, reduce the damage caused by ageing and over exposure to sun, and remove unsightly pigmentation and acne scars. There are many types of chemical peels available at The Beauty Centre, each one prescribed specifically for the desired effect and the extent of skin damage .All peels work by gently lifting the skin with a non-toxic chemical solution to remove the unwanted top layers of dead and damaged skin. This encourages collagen production and cell renewal, to reveal an age-defying healthier, younger-looking complexion.Treatments are generally pain-free, though some peels can lead to light swelling of the affected area or peeling of the skin for a few days after the procedure.For details of what to expect please see the drop down menu below. A trained skin expert can give you the advice you need on the right type of peel for you, devising a tailored treatment plan to achieve optimum results.

How will I feel during my skin peel treatment?

How will I feel during my skin peel treatment?

All peels are applied in a similar manner, the solution is applied to the skins surface and absorbed, upon which, depending on the peel applied you will feel anything from a slight prickly sensation to a bearable heat. Any discomfort you feel is quickly over and your comfort is a priority to us.  Light exfoliation treatments are so gentle that they can be used without any risks of problems on the delicate areas around the lips and eyes and very little is felt at all – whilst deeper peels do feel a little more intense it is a very bearable and quick process that is done in a controlled manner to minimise any unpleasant sensation or anxiety during treatment.

Is skin peel the right treatment for me?

Is skin peel the right treatment for me?

Chemical skin peels can be used to treat a whole range of skin complaints and skin types, including wrinkles, fine lines, acne and acne scarring, age spots, enlarged pores, dark pigmented areas and sun-damaged skin. These treatments are ideal if you are looking to quite literally give your skin a fresh start. At The Beauty Centre we are able to treat all skin types including darker skins such as skin type 6. Clients new to skin peels often express concerns stemming from sensationalised stories in magazines – however skin peels have been used for centuries to provide a solution to a wide range of skin conditions- effectively and quickly with little to no discomfort and minimal downtime. One of the key benefits of skin peels is that, even though we may use one specific peel to treat say , pigmentation, all skin peels have an anti aging effect by removing dull and dry layers of skin- these usually sit at the surface creating an uneven texture and adding to fine lines. All of our peels are performed by experienced and qualified therapists who are trained to ensure you recive the correct treatment and guide you through your journey to skin perfection.

What happens to my skin after recieving a skin peel?

What happens to my skin after receiving a skin peel?

What to expect after treatment, all of the below is rough guide to how your skin will be after you peel treatment, this is a guideline to go by and should you go ahead with your peel treatment your therapist will advise you of what to expect in regards to your skin specifically.

Superficial peels: A light to medium redness immediately after treatment with a mild tight feeling to the skin, this will be followed by mild to medium scaling and dryness that should peel over the course of the next 5 days. You may not experience visible peeling and this is nothing to worry about. A mild itching is normal as the skin sheds.

Medium peels: A medium redness to the skin followed by a tight feeling, the skin may darken initially – peeling should start within three days and roughly finish at around 7 days. Again a mild itching sensation is normal. The peeling will be noticeable, new skin revealed will appear pink at first.

Deep peels: Skin will be red or white if frosted after your peel and may appear very dark brown to black – or look wrinkled as the skin tightens. Shedding occurs within three days with thicker flakes, and finishes quicker too, around 5 days. You will generally start peeling around the mouth area first. The new skin will be pinker and require lots of attention to keep hydration up. Itching is normal and new skin may be sensitive to touch and products.
After your first treatment you will notice an instant improvement. Your skin will feel softer and look subtly younger. Following a course of treatments your skin will have an obvious transformation, with a newer and healthier skin, yours to enjoy.

What do I have to do during my course of treatments?

Depending on the type of peel you have there are varying things you will need to do to ensure good results. Light chemical peels such as lactic peels or arglinine peels don’t require too much on your part except we would always recommend an excellent homecare regimen be followed at home to optimise your end result. This should include an SPF to protect your new skin. With our medium to deep chemical peels homecare and following your aftercare instructions is imperative to obtaining excellent results, this is including keeping up your hydration levels, wearing an SPF when exposed to the sun and really paying attention to what you put on your skin – We will guide you through this process from start to finish – helping you along the way to look after your new fresher and more radiant skin.