Full health checks are available for both men and women and are charged at £300.00. This fee also includes a follow up consultation if required.

The cost of any additional tests required is not included in the fee for health checks. The initial consultation is for a full medical and to discuss any tests needed based on clinical needs. This is followed by a consultation 2 weeks later with the same doctor to discuss results and plan further care or tests if needed.

Please note: These are detailed health checks requiring a considerable investment of time from both doctor and patient. Failure to attend with less than 24hrs prior notice a 50% fee will be charged. A deposit of £150 is required at the time of booking.

HGV Medical assessments

HGV Medical assessments – Examination & Medical Report £130.

You will need a Medical Report completed by a registered doctor when:

-You first apply for an LGV/PCV licence.
-You renew your licence on or after the age of 45.
If this is the case you need to repeat your medical examination every 5 years.
-From the age of 65 licences are issued for one year at a time and you will need a medical report every year.

You will need to bring with you to your consultation, photo ID, such as passport or photo driving licence.
Please bring any reading glasses and a list of any medications with you.
Please provide details of your regular NHS GP’s.