Here at The Beauty Centre we provide a quick, confidential and professional phlebotomy service, blood tests can be both a worry and an inconvenience so we strive to ensure  we provide the best service possible.

This  service works in harmony with our in-house private GP services as well as being available for Private Blood tests, such as ordered by your nutritionist and NHS blood tests. We work alongside broomfield hospital to ensure we are constantly up to date with techniques and protocol.

Many people find it inconvenient to wait around for blood tests at hospital, not knowing how long they will be away from work or other commitments.  Our phlebotomy services are bookable 6 days a week at a time to suit you, with appointments available from 8.30am (prebooked only) making it even easier if you are required to fast prior to your blood test.

Blood draws are performed by a qualified and experienced phlebotomist, in a clean and modern environment, who will make your experience as comfortable and easy as possible, the whole process usually takes around ten minutes so you can get on with your day with very little disruption.

Blood Draw £20