Injectable Treatments - Correction and Reversal

Injectable Treatments

Our aesthetics practitioner is skilled in both the correction and enhancement using injectable treatments, whether that is using well-known Botox and dermal fillers to create or enhance features for a natural result or specialist injectable treatments such as sclerotherapy to unsightly eliminate veins on the face and legs. Offering the most up to date and effective treatments such as PRP therapy and PDO thread lifts alongside the more traditional injectable treatments enables us to provide you with a varied choice as well as excellent results. We are increasingly ask to reverse the unwanted and poorly executed effects of dermal fillers and are able to offer complete removal and correction as well as provide more natural results once the issue has been resolved.  We also offer natural alternatives such as Platelet Rich Plasma.  Whilst these are injectable treatments, they are minimally invasive and provide comparable results to dermal fillers. Many people feel apprehensive of actually going through with an invasive injectable treatment, however all of the treatments we offer not only start with a thorough and in depth consultation to ensure your suitability and answer any questions and concerns you may have. All injectable treatments offered have an excellent track record of safety as well as providing excellent results.  We have a loyal following of happy customers, who time and time again come back for the excellent results our aesthetic treatments offer.

If you are unhappy with a treatment you have received please call us now and book your free consultation.  Prices start from as little as £75.00