Reversing the effects of unwanted Dermal Fillers

Following a small injection into the area to be corrected, the enzyme acts within minutes to dissolve the unwanted filler restoring the original facial contours. The desired level of removal can usually be achieved with careful monitoring of the enzyme, with larger doses resulting in complete elimination of the filler from the implantation site.

The easy reversibility of these commonly used dermal fillers provides a comforting safety margin that ensures such fillers are associated with almost no permanent adverse events or unwanted results. This benefit contrasts strongly with the inflexibility and irreversibility of permanent fillers. We offer a correction / removal service for patients that have received a dermal filler at another practise and are unhappy with the results. Please telephone and book your consultation.

Are there any side effects of dissolving Dermal Fillers?

Localized allergic reactions can occur. Treatment is not recommended for clients with a history of an allergy to bee venom. Bruising may occur following injection, especially when treating the lips and surrounding areas.