Lip Enhancement with Dermal Filler
1ml £295-00
1/2ml £195-00

What is Lip Enhancement?

Lip Enhancement provides an instant improvement and natural fullness to the body of the lips. Volume loss of the lips occurs naturally over time causing the lips to turn inwards, eventually creating a thin line. By replacing this loss of volume the result will be a more youthful and natural looking lips. Our Senior practitioner at The Beauty Centre has many years’ experience in treating lips and we will be able to advise you on the appropriate treatment for the aesthetic outcome you are looking for. Before receiving this treatment a local anaesthetic is gently injected to numb the lips and areas such as the vermilion border, the philtrum, cupids bow and the body of the lip can then be naturally enhanced with little if any discomfort. There may be some swelling and bruising after your treatment for a short period of time. To ensure a desired and natural look is achieved, if required we offer this treatment is two or more stages to ensure a completely natural outcome.

Will Lip Enhancement improve the vertical line in my lips?

Any volume that is added to the lip will tend to improve lines near the vermilion border (the border between the red and white skin of the lip). It may be beneficial to use both Botox and Dermal filler to achieve the desired results.  This will be discussed during your consultation.

What is recovery like after Lip Enhancement?

Downtime after lip enhancement is usually a few hours to a few days and depends on the amount of correction required. When treating the lips it should be noted that due to the large amount of vessels both in and surrounding the lip, swelling is likely to occur and occasionally bruising. This procedures is performed using both local and topical anaesthesia and most clients experience only a little, if any discomfort.

Will I need time off work after Lip Enhancement?

Most clients do not require any time off from work and may even return to work on the same day. You can eat and drink after your treatment. You will be provided with a soothing balm that can be applied throughout the day however you must refrain from applying lipstick for 24 hours.

Reversing the affects of unwanted Dermal Fillers?

The easy reversibility of commonly used dermal fillers provides a comforting safety margin that ensures dermal fillers are associated with almost no permanent adverse events or unwanted results. This benefit contrasts strongly with the inflexibility and irreversibility of permanent fillers. Following a small injection into the area to be corrected, the enzyme used acts within minutes to dissolve the unwanted filler restoring the original facial contours. The desired level of removal can usually be achieved with careful monitoring of the enzyme, with larger doses resulting in complete elimination of the filler from the implantation site. We offer a correction / removal service for patients that have received a dermal filler at another practice and are unhappy with the results. The price for this service is given during your free consultation.

Are there any side effects of dissolving Dermal Fillers?

Localised allergic reactions can rarely occur. Treatment is not recommended for clients with a history of an allergy to bee venom. Bruising may occur following injection, especially when treating the eye area and lips.  You will be required have a patch test prior to receiving this treatment and will have to remain in the clinic for 30minutes after receiving treatment.