What is Sculptra?

Known as the original “Liquid Face Lift” Sculptra provides volume where there has been an extreme loss of collagen and fat. This can be due to illness or extreme weight loss. As well as restoring natural volume, Sculptra “repairs” the ageing skin and is especially useful where the cheeks have fallen and appear sunk- en. Sculptra works by stimulating the body’s own production of new collagen to help thicken the skin, soften deep folds and add volume. A short course of 3 to 4 treatments will produce a tighter, smoother skin and restore natural volume. Treatments are recommended at 8 week intervals. Omnilux LED Light Therapy is also included with every treatment when purchased as a course of 3.

Single treatment 1 Vial £350.00
Single treatment 2 Vials £600.00
Course of 3 treatments with 2 Vials per treatment £1,700.00
Omnilux LED Therapy is included Free of Charge when purchasing a course of 3 treatments)