Skin Rejuvenation for the Face, Decollate and Hands

Utilising a combination of powerful Vitamins, Amino Acids, Peptides and Nutrients Mesotherapy is a century’s old, well established treatment that targets the specific needs of the skin. Many skin conditions and all skin types can be successfully treated producing results that are comparable to more invasive treatments. These treatments are particularly beneficial for those who have a hectic life style, smokers and regular alcohol drinkers. A standard course of 6 treatments can provide an overall lifting, tightening and rejuvenated result.

Single session £95
Buy 5 get 6th free
Add on Omnilux Photo Therapy £20 per treatment

Lipo Dissolve for areas of the body

Lipo Dissolve Mesotherapy for areas of the body
£175 Per session 

A specific Mesotherapy treatment that is able to successfully treat “stubborn” pockets of fat that even exercise has no effect on. Areas such as saddle bags, bra bulges, double chin and inner thighs can be treated with Mesotherapy

Lipo Dissolve for fat pads under the eyes

Lipo Dissolve Mesotherapy for fat pads under the eyes
£95 Per session
£125 Per session for the chin

Whether hereditary, induced by illness or incorrect product use, bulging fat pads can easily be dissolved using very specific Mesotherapy products, designed for the delicate area of the eyes. Treatments are performed over a period of several months to achieve progress and permanent results.

Hair Growth/Follicle stimulation

Hair Growth / Follicle stimulation Mesotherapy
Course of 9 treatments £1,500

A truly amazing Mesotherapy treatment for patients who are suffering from Male Pattern Baldness or who are experiencing thinning /fragile hair or mild hair loss. A specific meso therapy cocktail designed to stimulate dormant follicles is combined with the patient’s own platelets to produce outstanding hair growth and thickness.