What is Mole removal?

A mole is simply a cluster of the cells that produce the pigmentation of skin. Because they are so tightly clustered, the mole will usually appear much darker than the skin itself.

It’s difficult to generalise about moles because they have so many different causes: they can be genetic, develop through sun damage, or be an early stage of the skin cancer malignant melanoma. Because of this, you should always consult a GP or a qualified skin clinic expert if you have any concerns about a mole, particularly one that has changed shape or size. Even where a mole isn’t harmful, you may want to remove it for cosmetic reasons. It could also be worth considering mole removal if you find the mole is catching on clothing and irritating the skin.

Treatments for Mole removal?

We offer several treatments for mole removal. For moles that protrude from the surface, they can simply be removed using radio frequency. This is a painless procedure administered using local anaesthetic. Other moles can be cut away, again under local anaesthetic, though this will require a small stitching of the skin.

With all mole removal treatment, the skin left behind may be tender for a few days and may need to be protected until it has recovered. We strongly advise clients undergoing mole removal to use sunscreen on the area for six months or so as it will be more sensitive to sunlight.

Free consultations

A consultation is required prior to any mole / lesion being removed. All consultations are offered Free Of Charge.