What are scars?

A scar forms as the skin recovers from damage from an accident, skin disease or an operation. The more damage to the skin, the longer it takes to heal and the greater the risk that the scar will cause physical or cosmetic problems.

Atrophic and Ice Pick scars

Atrophic scars usually form after the skin has been damaged or after an infection such as chicken pox or acne. Generally atrophic scars are formed on the surface layers of the skin and will appear to be “sunken”. “Ice pick” scars resulting from severe acne are often seen as deep “pits” within the skin and can be visible if they are on the face. They are predominately found on the cheeks and forehead. If untreated they may improve over the course of time they never totally disappear.

At The Beauty Centre we successfully treat all kinds of scars including atrophic and ice pick scars with a combined course of treatments –  Microdermabrasion, Chemical peels and Skin Pen Medical Skin needling.  Results are visible and progressive after each and every treatment. Consultations are offered free of charge.

Scars from acne (residual acne)

In cases of serious acne with chronic inflammation, the skin generally remains significantly damaged long after the infection has gone. Raised scars are not the only visible signs that you have suffered with this problem.  In areas where there has been chronic infection, the skin is often left with pigmentation. Using specific professional products we are able to successfully treat this surface pigmentation and balance out an uneven skin tone by devising a course  of treatments specific to your skins needs. This may included Microdermabrasion, light chemical peels, Omnilux Photo therapy and Skin Pen Medical Skin needling. We also offer a complete range of advance skincare design for problematic skin for use at home to both enhance and maintain a healthy, blemish free skin.

Consultations are vital to ensure that the correct treatment and products are recommended. All consultations are Free Of Charge.  Treatments prices start from just £48.00