What is Micro Sclerotherapy?

Micro Sclerotherapy is procedure that is used to treat unsightly thread veins on the legs by injecting a substance called Sclerovien. This substance creates a mild swelling in the vein wall which over a period of weeks will flush the “sticky blood” from within the vein and either become less visible or making it not visible at all. This treatment is commonly used on the legs however for thread veins on the face we offer the Lam Probe treatment as a small amount of scarring can occur when Micro Sclerotherapy is performed on the face.

How many treatments will I need?

A single blood vessel may need to be injected more than once but this is dependent upon its size. We recommend having any subsequent treatments at monthly intervals. Typically 3 to 6 treatments are required to treat both legs in full. It is mandatory that all patients receiving treatments for vein removal wear compression tights during the course of treatments. This will enhance results and speed up the healing process. Treatments will not be performed unless the compression tights are brought to each treatment session.

Treatments start at £125

What risks are involved when receiving Micro Sclerotherapy?

Whilst receiving the treatment you may experience some mild pain or stinging at the injection site. Following the procedure you may experience some restlessness of the legs during the night due to swelling of the vein walls. This is minimal and a normal reaction. The wearing of your compression tights will keep this to a minimum. Where the injections have been administered, these may look like insect bites and may occasionally itch. Please avoid scratching these areas as this may cause unwanted inflammation.

Thread Vein treatment for the face

Broken capillaries, also called thread veins, are a common skin complaint which many people suffer from.

Thread veins can be caused or exacerbated by a number of factors including lifestyle choices, genetic influences, extreme weather or temperature change, aggressive skin irritation, medication and illness.

What treatments are available for Thread Veins?

The Lam Probe treatment is a unique and extremely effective treatment used at The Beauty Centre to treat a wide range of common minor skin irregularities including milia, skin tags, warts, fibromas, and thread veins on the face.

The Lamprobe treats the irregularities using radiofrequency, in the case of thread veins we are cauterising the vein and therefore eliminating it entirely.

These skin complaints are no longer treated by the NHS as they are considered cosmetic treatments, however many people find them both uncomfortable and often a factor with lowering their self-esteem, particularly with thread veins and other irregularities that occur on the face.

For many people thread veins on the face are a source of embarrassment and the daily chore of concealing them is inconvenient and time consuming, with cosmetics often making the thread veins worsen. Few people realise how easy and affordable treatments for thread veins are, so continue to suffer in silence. Consultations are provided free of charge and treatments are very simple.

What are the benefits of having Lam Probe treatment?

Lamprobe is a simple, quick and relatively painless treatment. With thread vein treatments typically taking only 20 minutes or less to complete, there is no downtime and your skin should be fully healed within 6 weeks. Thread veins on the face may require up to 3 treatments and this will be discussed with you at you initial consultation. Many clients however only require one session to reveal clearer skin, free from thread veins and  excess redness.

What are the risks when treating Thread Veins?

With any treatment there are potential risks. Thread vein treatment it is no different, however Lamprobe is a very low risk procedure that we perform on a daily basis with no reported issues. Possible issues include scarring within the treated area or infection of the treated area – this is highly unlikely and risks are reduced by following proper aftercare procedures / instructions. During your treatment you will be asked a number of questions regarding your health, medication and lifestyle.

What happens after my Thread Vein treatment?

Immediately after your treatment, there will be some redness within the treated area, with the appearance of small scratches along the capillaries we have treated. You may feel some heat within the skin and you may have a small amount of blood spotting or fluid. Over the course of the next two weeks these ‘scratches’ will lightly scab over and with each week, up to 4-6 weeks, we would expect these to gradually lessen as they naturally heal over. We ask you to come in at six weeks for us to re-assess the area we have treated.

What will my Thread Vein treatment cost?

Prices start from as little as £75-00 per session. However treatment prices will vary from client to client, with each client having unique formations of thread veins we will create a treatment plan. We offer a guide price determined by the area to be treated; however in-clinic consultations ensure we give an accurate price as well as a thorough assessment for treatment suitability.

Thread Vein Treatment Guide Prices Are As Follows:
Nose only                  £125 – 00
Nose and Cheeks    £175 – 00
Whole Face               £225 – 00