Inspired by both Oriental and Western techniques, this exclusive application procedure revitalizes the body, improves circulation of vital energies and allows the absorption of active ingredients.

Course of 3 treatments £165.00

Hydradvance Treatment

Our Signature hydradvance Facial treatment. Designed to provide instant visible results and protect against key skin conditions. Suitable for all skin types, especially, dull de-hydrated skin. Also suitable for pregnant women. A tailored solution, with incomparable moisturizing power. This hydradvance treatment provides concentrated active ingredients that have been specially selected to stimulate of skin Hydration.

A 34%* increase in hydration is still present one week on from the 1st treatment and 37%* improvement on the overall radiance and comfort of the skin. This programme is designed to re-educate the skins natural hydration process providing long lasting results against dryness and de-hydration.