What is the Hanakasumi Full Body Ritual?

Hanakasumi Full Body Ritual –
Cherry Blossom & Lotus Escape

Hanakasumi –meaning ‘Cherry Blossom Mist’ Hanakasumi is a truly blissful treatment, inspired by ancient Japanese traditions. Hanakasumi is inspired by the bathing rituals of Japanese people to ensure life’s stresses are cleansed away providing you with complete harmony and deep restoration.

Your Hanakasumi treatment involves unique double body exfoliation combined with massaging of the body and feet, a complete ritual to replenish the body and mind.
Using the actives of Cherry Blossom and Rice Powder to cleanse away dead skin cells combined with exfoliation mitts to eliminate impurities leaving a softer smoother skin. Following your full body exfoliation you will drift away during the application of totally indulgent Shea Butter Melt. The warm shea butter is infused with the fragrance of Ylang Ylang, Black Pepper and Vanilla to create a comforting and enveloping texture with a delicate fragrance. Alongside the harmonious combination of Cherry Blossom, Lotus, Violet and Honeysuckle you will enter state of complete relaxation during your sensorial escape as your therapist uses specific body massage techniques to create a sense of weightlessness that stays with you long after you leave.

Hanakasumi £65.00