TCA Chemical peel £250
Course of 3 £650

What is a TCA Skin Peel?

Chemical skin peels are one of the most innovative ways to easily and optimally rejuvenate the skin. They are designed to accelerate the removal of the old dead skin cells that lay on the surface of the skin and serve no purpose.  TCA peels are considered the gold standard of chemical peels and provide a medium to deep peel that will visibly reduce the appearance of deeper lines and wrinkles and they are an excellent tool for diminishing pitted acne scars. The skin will be softer, smoother, have a more even tone and have more elasticity. TCA peels are also excellent for sun damaged skin and non-inflammatory acne.

TCA chemical peels offer truly fantastic results revealing a healthier and more youthful looking skin. We are one of the very few clinics able to offer TCA peels up to 35% ensuring patient expectations are met.

How does the TCA peel work and what results can I expect?

By applying the correct percentage of solution to obtain the desired results, a TCA peel has the ability to lift off dead skin to the desired layer. A TCA peel is designed to “self-neutralise” or stop when the desired depth has been achieved ensuring the correct results
are always obtained.

What are the benefits of a TCA Peel?

Benefits include removal of the top layer of the stratum corneum (dead cells of the surface) providing a smoother, softer appearance to the skin – blemish and scar free.  The peel will also reduce fine lines around the eyes and on the cheeks, barcode lip lines, pigmentation and general uneven skin colouring.  SPF 50 is essential for 6 months after receiving this treatment. Consultations are vital prior to receiving this treatment to ensure this is the correct procedure for you and are offered free of charge.