Skin Pen – Micro Skin Needling £150-00

Course of 6 £900.00 includes Omnilux Photo Therapy FREE OF CHARGE Save £120.00

What is the Skin Pen?

Experience a new level of collagen induction with Skin Pen Micro Needling.
A medical grade titanium micro-needling system that provides results equal to laser skin resurfacing but without the risks and long recovery period. Skin Pen successfully treats fine lines and wrinkles, help fade scars and stretch marks, heal and reverse sun damage/pigmentation and lifts and tones loose skin.  A serum specific to your skins needs is used at each and every treatment ensuring optimal results.

How does the Skin Pen work?

Skin Pen micro needling increase the stimulation of new collagen and elastin production by creating a controlled injury to the skin. This procedure will boost the skins own repair system resulting in a firmer, softer skin with a more youthful and refined texture. The needles create thousands of tiny micro-channels on the skins surface allowing for increased absorption of active ingredients used during the treatment providing optimal results. For best results this treatment is combined with Omnilux Photo Therapy.

What to expect after the treatment

You can resume normal activities, drive yourself home or return to work immediately after the treatment. Swimming should be avoided for 48 hours.  This will prevent the risk of infection and also allows for your aftercare products to be absorbed. Your normal skincare routine can be resumed 48 hours following each treatment. We recommend 6 treatments at 3 – 5  week intervals to achieve progressive and long lasting results.

What is the down time after a Skin Pen treatment?

The inflammatory reaction of the skin is extremely short, fading significantly within hours from red to a healthy pink glow.  The skin can remain pink for up to 12 hours during which time mineral make up can be applied if required. In order to reduce any visible redness and enhance the healing process, we recommend using the aftercare products supplied with each treatment. It is essential to protect the skin with zinc based sun screen. We stock Alumier Tinted SPF which is popular with patients after aesthetics treatments.

How is the Skin Pen procedure performed & does it hurt?

After cleansing the skin a topical numbing cream is applied allowing for a pain free treatment. The skin is treated in such a way that each area of the face is needled about 15 to 20 times allowing for far greater penetration of serums than when applied by hand. Absorption rate of products applied during a treatment is 80% higher than without the Skin Pen being used. An even flushing of the skin is the best indication for a perfect performance.

How frequently can I have treatment?

We recommend starting with 6 treatments, with 6 to 8 weeks between each treatment. This will allow the new collagen and elastin to form. Other skin conditions may require more regular treatments.

Please note:  We strongly recommend the use of Alumier Md home-care products, including SPF 50, is used both during and after receiving treatments. To purchase your products from the comfort of your own home simply go to  Please enter our unique code to gain access: EEECD1F5  

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